Secure hybrid cloud provides the basis for a fruitful and cost-effective digital transformation for your organization. You will be able to meet the IT service delivery of your business in a faster and flexible way. Simply put, cloud technology provides hosting for sites on virtual servers. It works as a service and not a product, and it can, therefore, be compared with the traditional utilities such as gas and electricity.

The Difference between Cloud Computing and Web Hosting

Most people confuse cloud computing with web hosting services. Cloud computing is the sharing of computing resources. Web hosting, on the other hand, provides web services, maintenance of files, and server spaces. Whether to choose cloud computing or web hosting services depends on the priorities of your business. If your primary concern is to minimize operational costs, cloud computing is perfect for you. But, if you are more concerned about the security of your sensitive data, then web hosting will be your best option.

Why should you take your IT disaster recovery to the cloud?

Your workflow depends on communication tools, servers, applications, and networks that might not be available in case of a disaster or outage. Without these resources, your workers will not be able to work. By taking your disaster recovery to the clouds, your employees can continue to work with confidence when mishaps happen. Just replicate the needed servers in the cloud and activate them with a mere push of a button. You will be able to carry on with your business as usual.

Why go for cloud-based DDoS protection services

More often than not, Distributed Denial of Service [DDoS] attacks makes headlines as companies get kicked offline, affecting even the world’s biggest stock exchanges and banks. In reality, DDoS attacks happen rather regularly, negatively affecting an organization’s operations, brand image, and revenue. Businesses that try to fight distributed attacks using a centralized defense system easily become overwhelmed and succumb to the dangers of DDoS attacks. Cloud-based DDoS protection service is appropriately suited for mitigating these attacks. They have the required methodology and infrastructure to respond to unusual traffic spikes.

Whether it is hybrid cloud hosting or managed hosting, cloud technology will make you an engine of digital transformation. By taking all your IT related services including Drupal services to the cloud, you will not only improve your ability to respond, but also make your existing structure to be more controlled, consolidated, and transparent. This will allow you to re-invest and re-allocate resources towards pushing your business forward. Find more insights and resources available at Carbon60 Networks.

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